domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

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Ojos de Garza dijo...

Hello Manolín. How are you?
We have heard that you have Malaria.
We want to know if you are better.
The Malaria is an illness that is transmitted by mosquito bites.
Be careful with the mosquitoes.
They bite more in the morning and in the evening.
Do you know where you caught Malaria?
We send you some recommendations that we found on the internet
so that mosquitoes don’t bite you again.
We hope that you get better very soon.
Best wishes and take care from the children of Lucía Jiménez School.

What precautions should you take to avoid malaria?
- Avoid exposure to mosquitoes during the early morning and early evening.
- Wear appropriate clothing especially when you are outdoors.
- Apply insect repellent to the exposed skin.
- Use a mosquito net over your bed.
- Have screens covering windows and doors.
- Spray an insecticide in the bedroom before going to bed.